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Coir Personalized Doormats

Coir Personalized Doormats

Personalized Doormats | Monogram Avenue


We offer two types of personalized coir doormats, the Classic Coir Doormat and the DuraCoirTM Doormat.


Classic Coir Personalized Doormats are made from natural coir fibers. These natural fibers are inserted into an all-weather vinyl backer for added durability. And to make your busy life a little easier, classic coir doormats are stain, rot and mildew resistant. And they can be easily cleaned with a good shaking or vacuuming.

The printing is flocked instead of painted making the doormats fade resistant.

  • 5/8 inch thick. Great for low thresholds
  • Flocked designs do not fade like painted mats
  • Manufactured from natural coir fiber bristles
  • Durable dense fibers scrape shoes clean
  • Vinyl backed for increased durability and to help prevent movement
  • Weather tolerant; will absorb moisture


DuraCoir™ Personalized Doormats are great inside or outdoors! Because fibers won’t shed, you still get the scraping action of classic coir doormats but without the mess.  And because of the special flocking process your personalization won’t fade.


  • Made in the USA.
  • Synthetic Coconut Fiber; will not shed or fade
  • Manufactured for all weather use.
  • Flocked design for durability.
  • 1/4" thick for low thresholds.
  • No-Slip rubber backing.
  • Brush, Shake, Vacuum or Hose off to clean.
  • Available in two sizes


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